Classic Varsity Jackets – 9 Classic Benefits to Explore

The thought of wearing a wool classic varsity jacket is to be a warm and classic look. Wool is a classic and more comfortable material because it is free from irritation and provides constant warmth.

Since high-performance outdoor apparel and casual-wear brands have to start selling customized varsity jackets in wool. Modern wool fabric is an excellent complement to any technical outfit, which offers significant performance advantages over synthetics.

Benefits of Choosing Classic Varsity Jackets

1. Highly Breathable:

Wool is a natural fiber material, making it a sustainable resource. Wearing all wool varsity jackets is beneficial for everyone. The ability to breathe enhances the value.

2. Provide complete inherent 

Wool fibers are inherently unable to move, while synthetics only breathe through pores in the fabric.

3. Wool doesn’t stink

Wool is an excellent choice for keeping dry. Wool fibers can absorb almost 30% of their weight in moisture before you start to feel wet, and they whisk moisture away from the skin to do so. Evaporation then removes this moisture from the cloth.

4. Wool is naturally antibacterial

As germs cannot adhere to and develop on the fibers of Merino wool, goods made from this material are exceptionally effective at keeping odors at bay.

5. Excellent temperature regulation

Dry heat even when soaked. Fabrics that absorb water also emit a tiny amount of heat, which may help keep you warm on a rainy and chilly day.

6. Both absorb and repel water

Fantastic ability to maintain a constant temperature. Superb insulation is provided by the fabric's small air pockets, made possible by the thin fibers. On hot days, the moisture-laden air in these nooks will evaporate, leaving behind cooler air that will help you feel more at ease.

7. Soft Skin Feels, not Itchy

The natural scales on wool fibers are treated to lessen their prominence, eliminating vintage woolens' harsh, scratchy texture. Similarly, Merino wool fibers have a very tiny diameter so that they won't prickle or itch.

8. Both Absorb and Repels Water

The scales on the fibers outside are hydrophobic, whereas the cortical region is an excellent moisture absorber. Because of this, wool can wick away moisture from your skin while keeping out the rain or snow. Even after it has absorbed moisture, a wool garment still feels dry on the skin because of the scales.

9. A high degree of resistance to ignition

Wool has a built-in self-extinguishing mechanism so that it won't burn. Unlike synthetics, it won't melt or stick to your skin.

If you want to explore the benefits of all wool varsity jackets, then feel free to peruse our online catalogue of Varsity Jacket while visiting Custom Letterman.

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