4 Wonderful Ways to Style with Satin Jacket and Letterman Jacket

The satin jackets are frequently referred to as varsity or baseball jackets since adolescent athletes used letterman-style coats extensively in the 1980s. However, the emergence of letterman jackets in various patterns, colors, and designs has led to changes. Meanwhile, satin jacket are one of the best ways to style your dressing.

While it's true that these fashionable outerwear pieces were a favorite among both male and female students at several institutions and colleges, they have now matured into high fashion pieces that are accessible to all. As a result, while the letterman jacket is still regarded as the winning outfit, anybody can wear it without being an athlete. Meanwhile, here are some of the wonderful ways to style up with custom Letterman jackets like a pro:

Street Style

A black pair of trousers and a varsity-type jacket are fantastic combinations if you want to create street style. Though not particularly easy to copy, it is complex too. Reach for some black and white lace-up shoes for a more sophisticated appearance. An additional edge may be added by choosing a silver chain and cap.

Sporty Look

Athletic wear is the purpose of varsity jackets. You should match this with an athletic sneaker and a traditional letterman blazer to complete the look. For a sportier style, it would be ideal if you reached for T-shirts. Assemble this outfit perfectly by adding a baseball cap.


Try wearing grey dress pants with a light-colored letterman-style jacket if you need help looking classy and don't have much time to get dressed up. Styling your tidy outfit with black shoes can instantly make it more elegant and lively.

Cargo pants

It’s a perfect option for people who value style over comfort and will never be content with a casual yet put-together ensemble. You can appear fashionable in no time with this combo.

To sum up

A great outerwear piece is a letterman jacket. No matter what age or type of physique, they are for anybody. Depending on your style, a varsity jacket may be worn fancy, casual, laidback, or urban. It is similar to a wool coat. They are sticking around after making their impact on the fashion industry. Investing in wholesale varsity jackets may be a chic and cost-effective way to wear the letterman jacket trend. The satin jackets are far less expensive than traditional letterman jackets while maintaining the same timeless style and high-caliber craftsmanship. You can buy yours by visiting Custom Letterman.

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